Planting a permaculture orchard in the UK.

We now have access to 37 acres of beautiful organic land near Winford, North Somerset called Three Hares Farm. Which will soon be home to a cooperative of land based businesses producing a wide variety of organic produce.

The permaculture orchard is one small part of this. Starting in autumn 2021 we’ll be planting fruit & nut trees as well as edible perennials on 3.7 acres of the site, as well as establishing a tree and edible plant nursery

Our aim is to provide the widest variety of tree crops, from hazelnuts and shitaki mushrooms to cherries and berries. There will be opportunities to come to the farm and pick your own or subscribe to our box scheme. We will also record how the project evolves and research the ecological benefits of integrating a wide variety of crops.

There’s plenty of work to do before the site will bear fruit 🙂 So if you’d like to get involved barrowing compost or planting trees or if you just want to be the first to know when the strawberries are ripe, sign up to our mailing list here or follow us on Instagram.


What We Do

Grow unusual produce

Research edible plants

Provide forest garden training