Unusual edibles is a small speciality fruit and veg producer based at Grow Wilder in Bristol.

Our mission is to provide exciting and tasty ingredients for Bristol chefs and home cooks.

We want to show that providing exciting and unusual produce doesn’t have to mean air-freighting ingredients from the other side of the world.

As the production of food has moved further and further away from where we live it’s diversity has declined, regional distictiveness has been lost, old and tasty varieties forgotten, replaced by those that look uniform and travel best.

Unusual Edibles offers annual & perennial, fruits & vegetables. From forgotten UK native plants such as Skirret, Sea kale & Sea beet through to plants that originate from the Americas & Asia. Including Tomatillos, Achocha, Cucamelons and colourful sweetcorn, Shungiku, Okahijiki, garlic chives, beauty heart radishes & Edamame. Our fruits include Jostas, gauges, currants, physalis, melon & alpine strawberries.

We also search out rare & tasty varieties of familiar staples from around Europe to grow here in Bristol such as peas, beans, kales, cabbages, apples & pears. Providing you with tasty food and helping to preserve the diversity of our food plants.

We are committed to growing locally, using sustainable, resource efficient and chemical free methods.

Find out more about what we do here.


What We Do

Grow unusual produce

Research edible plants

Provide forest garden training