Unusual Edibles is changing…

I’m very very excited to say… I have access to a lovely new growing site near Winford in North Somerset, where I’m helping to develop a new mixed farm co-operative: Three Hares Farm. In time the site will be home to numerous growing businesses producing a wide variety of organic produce. Initially we have Humphrey Lloyd of Edible Futures : Veg, Rachael Dodd : Flowers and me, Diana Powell: Permaculture Orchard.

Having access to more land has presented an opportunity to expand the scope of Unusual Edibles and create a Permaculture Orchard of fruits, nuts, perennial crops and unusual edibles.

It’s an opportunity to show how a whole range of tree crops and perennials can be grown in a diverse ecosystems rather than vast monocultures. My aim is to provide the widest variety of wonderful organic fruit, nuts and unusual edibles, supplied direct to customers. Plus opportunities to come to the farm and pick your own.

There’s plenty of work to do before the site will bear fruit 🙂 So if you’d like to get involved barrowing compost or planting trees or if you just want to be the first to know when the strawberries are ripe, sign up to my mailing list here or follow me on Instagram.


What We Do

Grow unusual produce

Research edible plants

Provide forest garden training