What we do

Grow unusual produce

Research edible plants

Provide forest garden training

Our History

Unusual Edibles was started by Diana Powell in 2019. Her interest in unusual edible plants stretches back to her childhood in rural Dorset, where her mum grew most of the families fruit and veg and summers were spent eating bowlfuls of redcurrants and green gauges straight from the tree. In 1994 she discovered Permaculture and moved to Bristol to attend a permaculture design course. While life and work took her in other directions, including art & design, printmaking, woodland management, saw-milling and timber buildings she eventually returned to her passion for plants – especially the edible ones. In 2018 she joined Feed Bristol’s Grow Leader course and placement which helped her develop and test her idea for a local speciality produce company. She also manages the Forest Garden at Grow Wilder with a group of volunteers. Visit Grow Wilder for more information.

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