What is a Permaculture Orchard?

A Permaculture Orchard is a commercial orchard designed according to Permaculture principles. Combining an efficient layout with maximum crop diversity. The aim is to work with ecological processes to produce a wide range of produce ranging from food, fibre & fungi to timber & baskets…


The term was first coined by Stefan Sobkowiak.

29 years ago Stefan purchased an apple orchard near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. After 3 years converting to organic and then 4 years of organic apple production he came to the deep realisation that despite all this his orchard was still essentially a monoculture.

So in 2002 he established a tree nursery with the intention to redevelop the orchard according to permaculture design principles. In 2007 he planted his first permaculture orchard. 19 years on his farm is one of the best examples of agroecology in the world. A fantastically productive and diverse ecosystem based primarily on perennial crops. His 2014 film The Permaculture Orchard is a must for anyone interested in resilient sustainable food & farming systems.

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